Why is My Vape Pen Blinking? (Detailed Guide)

The invention of E-cigarettes was revolutionary and proved one of the best ways to leave tobacco smoking. Millions of active smokers have been switched to E-cigarettes.

Vape pens are attractive and compact; hence everyone prefers to carry them. But it’s not free from troubles like any other electronic device.

Vape pens come with an LED indicator that notifies of any issue inside the device. Whenever the device rectifies any issue, it blinks in various colors and frequencies.

If your vape pen blinks, it indicates some internal issues that we shall discuss in this guide.

Why is my Vape Pen Blinking?

Vape Pen Blinking

There could be many reasons why your vape pen is blinking. But, the most common cause is a loose connection between the vape coil and battery. Although, they are many reasons why LED light indicates what is going on inside your vape system.

You’ll notice the following cases with your vape pen indicator:

  1. The vape pen blinks 3 times.
  2. The vape pen blinks 4 times.
  3. The vape pen blinks 10 times.

Every case indicates a different problem with your device. In fact, the color of the LED also matters.

We’ll discuss all these cases in this guide. But, you should first learn- how does a vape pen work? If you understand the working of vaping devices, it will be easy for you to rectify the problem.

How Does a Vape Pen Work?

Well, I’ll not complicate things by explaining the principles of physics, but you should know the basic working process of an electronic cigarette.

E-Cigarette Parts
Source: Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

A vaping device has many components but the main is- Battery, Coil, and E-Liquid.

The battery supplies the electric power to the coil, and vaping coil heat up. Due to generated heat, e-liquid inside the vape cartridge evaporates and creates clouds that we inhale into our lungs.

What if the connection of the battery is loose? It won’t pass the electric power, and the vape coil won’t heat up.

When you inhale, the sensor activates the vaping process, but the coil won’t get enough electricity from the battery.

As a result, your vape pen LED will blink to indicate the issue inside your vaping device.

Why is my Vape Pen Blinks 3 Times?

You understood the basic concept of vaping devices. Let’s see why your vape pen blinks 3 times when you press the button and inhale through the mouthpiece.

If your vape pen blinks 3 times, it indicates the loose connection with the battery. It also happens when a short circuit is detected in the tank or your vape coil is burnt.

You can disassemble your vape pen to check it and if the vape coil is burnt, you need to replace it. If you notice any sign of corrosion on battery terminals, you should clean them with a sharp knife or sandpaper.

Why is my Vape Pen Blinks 4 Times?

If you’re using Smok Vape Pen and it blinks 4 times; it means the resistance of the vape coil has been changed above 2.5 Ohm or resistance dropped below 0.1 Ohm.

Increased resistance of vape coil consumes more battery and it won’t last long. The microprocessor inside your vape detects an error and notifies you by blinking the LED light.

Why is my Vape Pen Blinks 10 Times?

If you haven’t charged your vape battery for long, then you’ll notice that your vape pen will blink 10 times or more when taking a puff.

If a vape pen blinks 10 times, it indicates low power output and it means your battery is dying. If your vape pen battery is rechargeable then you should plug in a charger or replace it.

Vape Pen Blinks Red

Vape Pen Blinks Red

The red led lights of the vape pen indicate low battery and you need to recharge it for further use. Do not use your vape if it blinks red because it may completely drain battery health and you’ll face recharging issues in the future.

Vape Pen Blinks Blue

Vape Pen Blinking Blue

Blue lights on the vape pen indicate the voltage at which you’re vaping the e-liquids. Your vape will blink blue when you’re vaping at 3.8 Volts. This is the appropriate voltage for vaping nicotine.

You should not worry if your vape pen blinks blue because it indicates a normal functional state. You don’t need to do anything in this case.

Vape Pen Blinks Green

Vape Pen Blink Green

Greenlight is an indicator of the charging state of a vape pen. If your vape pen is blinking green then it means your battery is fully charged and you should unplug the charger.


The LEDs indicate the actual condition of your vape device. Do not ignore if your vape pen battery blinks because it notifies you of an error. Monitor how many times the LED lights blink and take the appropriate action. I have provided the reasons for various cases along with possible fixes.

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