How to Unclog a Disposable Vape Pen?

Disposable vapes are portable and can be taken anywhere to enjoy your favorite flavor puff. A common issue noticed in disposable vape pens is- clogging vape juice cartridge and mouthpiece.

Although it’s a common issue faced by thousands of vapers, but it can be fixed easily at home. If your vape is clogged, then read the various methods to unclog a disposable vape pen.

Why is my Vape Pen Clogged?

Multiple factors contribute to a clogged vape pen, but the most common reason is condensation buildup inside the airflow pipe. Also, it depends on the oil viscosity of your e-liquid.

Higher viscosity oils are thicker and it take more heat and time to evaporate. So, if you vape coil won’t generate enough heat to evaporate the high viscosity e-juice then it clogg the whole airflow.

How To Unclog a Vape Pen?

Unclog a vape pen

If you’re using your vape pen after a few days then it won’t evaporate on first puff. You need to try a few more times to pre-heat the vape coil then only it generate the vapors.

If it still clogged, then you can try some additional steps to unclog your vape pen. I’m explaining a few easy methods to unclog the airflow.

1. Preheat Your Vape Pen

A vape pen usually cloggs because of oil viscosity. If you’re using a CBD juice for vaping then there is more chance of clogging.

In order to unclog the CBD vape pen, you need to pre-heat vape juice. Many vape pens come with built-in pre-heat functionality and you can do it by pressing a button.

But, if your vape pen doesn’t have a pre-heat functionality then you can use external medium for pre-heating.

Some easy ways to preheat your vape pen is-

  • Leave it in direct sunlight for a few minutes.
  • Use a hair dryer to pre-heat your vape pen.
  • Wrap your vape pen in a cloth and place it in the microwave for 10 seconds.

Note– Do not pre-heat your vape pen in direct flame otherwise it’ll be damaged.

2. Unclog with Toothpick or Safety Pin

Due to high viscosity of vape juice, it evaporate around the mouthpiece and clog the airflow pipe. You can use a toothpick or safety pin to break the layer and unclog the airflow.

While doing this process, you should ensure that you won’t damage the internal system otherwise, throwing it in the garbage will be your last option.

3. Apply Suction Pressure

The third option is to apply powerful suction pressure on the mouthpiece so that it disrupt the condensation build-up. You can try some powerful puff without firing your vape pen.

If you start getting taste of your flavored juice, it means the airflow line is cleared and you can now fire up your vape pen to enjoy vaping.


A common reason of clogged airflow in disposable vape pen is condensation of vapors around the mouthpiece hole. Oil viscosity play a significant role in this and it can be fixed by preheating your vape pen by external medium. You can find the various methods to unclog a disposable vape pen above.

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