How to Stop a Disposable Vape from Auto Firing

In the early days, when I bought a disposable vape, It was auto-firing. I searched over the internet for how to stop a disposable vape from auto firing, but unfortunately, no one had a fix. Somehow, I got one potential fix to remove the battery, but it didn’t work. I tried many things, and many solutions but nothing worked.

Then after lots of attempts, I got the solution. So here in this post, I am going to share how to stop a disposable vape from auto firing. The fix which I am going to share here will work for sure.

Let’s move to the fix.

What is Auto Firing?

First, we need to understand what is auto firing? Before that in vaping terms let me tell you the meaning of firing. The firing means when you press the fire button or power button.

But when disposable vapes fire automatically without pressing the power or file button. That time disposable vape can be in your pocket, purse, or backpack, even out of your reach.

 Disposable Vape Auto Firing

So disposable vape auto fire is kind of risky.

Risk of Disposable Vape Auto Firing

Now you must be aware of the risk of disposable vapes when they fire automatically. The biggest risk of disposable vape auto fire is it can burn your lips as well as the tongue, so the experience of vaping may be not good.

There is no wattage control system in disposable vapes, so without clicking the fire button it may get sufficient wattage to auto fire. You can use e-cigarettes with nicotine salts or nic salts because these nic salts produce less vapor and don’t require heat for using them.

Why is My Disposable Vape Auto Firing?

When your disposable e-cig got auto-fired, you must have a question like why my disposable vape is auto firing? What is the reason or root cause of it? So there is not a single reason known. Many will say it is due to a battery change which I did. Some of the well-known reasons I am listing out here.

  • Defective battery
  • Poor quality coils
  • Poor connection
  • extreme temperatures
  • The incorrect voltage

How to Stop a Disposable Vape from Auto Firing

If you want to stop your disposable vape from auto firing, then you must buy vaping devices from trusted vaping stores. Because the quality of the product is most important. Below are a few more ways to stop the auto-firing of disposable vapes.

Replace Defective battery

First of all, you need to fix the defective battery. Many times we used to buy vape batteries online, if you are getting them from trusted stores, then it will be ok for sure. But sometimes, they may ship you a defective battery. So you need to contact them and ask for a replacement.

Fix Poor quality coils

Now you need to check your disposable vape coils. Inside a disposable vape, there is a coil, which is made of very thin material. Due to overheating or more power supply, the coil burns quickly. That’s why you need to check your coils and replace them.d

How to Fix The incorrect voltage

Sometimes, the disposable vape does not supply the correct voltage. This may be another reason for disposable vape auto firing. So how to fix the incorrect voltage supply in a disposable vape? You need to press the disposable vape power button 5 times, which will power the vape pen, then again press five times, and it will power on. Then you will see many settings options there, choose voltage, and then set it to 4 volts.


We have shared disposable vapes auto fire fix. You can stop your disposable vape from auto-firing by using these solutions. Still, if you have any issues related to disposable vapes, feel free to comment below.

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