Can You Put More Vape Juice in a Disposable Vape?

The demand for disposable vapes went high after federal bans on flavored vape pods and carts. Also, the aesthetics of disposable vape pens are eye-catching and it’s easy to carry.

Due to their compact design and extremely lightweight, disposable vapes are highly popular among the younger generation.

But, one question that strikes everyone’s mind- can you put more vape juice in a disposable vape?

You might have this question in your mind. Here we’ll try to figure out the answers.

Can You Put More Vape Juice in a Disposable Vape?

Disposable vapes are made for one-time use. Once the vape juice of the cartridge is empty, you have to throw it and buy a new one. But, there are some methods you can try to refill the cartridges with vape juice.

Although, it’s not a straightforward method but you still can try and fill the vape juice with your favorite flavor and enjoy the puff.

Moreover, the success depends upon the type of disposable vape that you’re using. Some disposable vapes are easy to disassemble and refill the cartridge.

How To Refill Vape Juice in Disposable Vape?

Refill vape juice in disposable vape pen

It’s tricky but still, you can try the following methods to refill e-juice in a disposable vape pen:

1. Disassemble Vape Pen

Rotate your vape pen mouthpiece in the counterclockwise direction and unscrew the mouthpiece from the vape pen. If you’re unable to rotate it in the counterclockwise direction, it means your vape pen can not be disassembled and in that case, you won’t be able to refill the cartridge.

2. Suck Vape Juice in Syringe

Most of the disposable vapes have 0.5ml to 1ml space in the cartridge. Suck 0.5ml of vape juice in a syringe or eye dropper and fill the e-juice cartridge.

Don’t forget to disconnect the power supply from the battery otherwise, there would be a chance of coil burning. Also, don’t fill the cartridge fully.

3. Assemble Everything

Connect the power supply from the battery and assemble the mouthpiece on your vape pen. If your vape pen has a pre-heat feature then do this to unclog the airflow. If not, heat up with a hair dryer or read a detailed guide on unclogging.

4. Take a Deep Drag

Once you finish assembling all the parts, take a deep drag to ignite the coil and form vapor. It may not work in the first drag, so try three or four times.


Not all disposable vapes are easy to refill the vape juice externally. But, some disposable vape pens can be refilled with the help of a syringe or eye dropper. If your vape is made in single pieces then don’t try to refill it.

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