Why Does Vape Juice Turn Brown or Dark?

Vape Juice Dark

You may have noticed that your vape juice sometimes turns brown or dark as a vaper. This can be alarming, especially if you’re new to vaping. But don’t worry – it’s perfectly normal, and there’s no need to panic. In this article, we’ll explain why vape juice turns brown or dark and whether or not …

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How Do Vape Detectors Work?

Vape Detector Working Process

Do you want to learn about how vape detectors work? They work by detecting the presence of nicotine and other chemicals in the air. This allows them to determine whether or not someone is vaping in the area. They can then alert the authorities if necessary. Vape detectors use a series of sensors to detect …

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How Does CBD Vape Make You Feel?

CBD Vape

People used to ask, how does CBD vape make you feel? Does it get you high? The answer is no. CBD vape oil does not contain THC, so it does not produce the psychoactive effects that are associated with marijuana. CBD vape oil has a variety of benefits, including reducing anxiety, pain, and inflammation. It …

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How Many Puffs of Vape is a Day Safe?

Vaping Men

In recent times, many people have been getting addicted to e-cigarettes and are not aware of the dangers of this habit. According to the study, nearly 8.4 percent of teenagers and college students use e-cigarettes to quit smoking. In addition, the number of teens who are trying to quit smoking by using e-cigarettes is increasing …

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How To Make Disposable Vape Last Longer?

Disposable Vape

If you’re vaping, then you probably know that disposables are generally designed to be thrown away. But, it should last for at least 500 puffs. You bought a disposable vape cartridge for your vape pen, but it looks like it doesn’t last long, probably you’re doing some mistake. If your disposable vape isn’t lasting longer, …

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Can You Put More Vape Juice in a Disposable Vape?

Refill vape juice in disposable vape pen

The demand for disposable vapes went high after federal bans on flavored vape pods and carts. Also, the aesthetics of disposable vape pens are eye-catching and it’s easy to carry. Due to their compact design and extremely lightweight, disposable vapes are highly popular among the younger generation. But, one question that strikes everyone’s mind- can …

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How to Unclog a Disposable Vape Pen?

Unclog a vape pen

Disposable vapes are portable and can be taken anywhere to enjoy your favorite flavor puff. A common issue noticed in disposable vape pens is- clogging vape juice cartridge and mouthpiece. Although it’s a common issue faced by thousands of vapers, but it can be fixed easily at home. If your vape is clogged, then read …

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Why is My Vape Pen Blinking? (Detailed Guide)

Vape Pen Blinking

The invention of E-cigarettes was revolutionary and proved one of the best ways to leave tobacco smoking. Millions of active smokers have been switched to E-cigarettes. Vape pens are attractive and compact; hence everyone prefers to carry them. But it’s not free from troubles like any other electronic device. Vape pens come with an LED …

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